No Spending April

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April 12, 2015 by taralynnehall

I am completing one challenge every month this year. You can read more about it here.

After a brief hiatus from our monthly challenges in March, April is here are we are ready to go. (Okay, technically, April is halfway over and we have been “going” for almost three weeks.) We made the decision to make April’s challenge a financial one—no spending money on anything extra until the end of the month. This will be particularly difficult for me, as I am going on vacation next month and all I want to do is go buy new vacation-y things.

There are exceptions, of course:
Groceries – ONLY food, I’m not allowed to sneak in things for the house, or clothes, or really anything that’s not edible.
Gas – Duh.
The truck – Husband is in the process of making his dad’s old truck functional again. While restoration is the goal, this month we are only spending what it takes to make it safe to drive.
Replacements – If my favorite shirt or Husband’s tennis shoes suddenly have an irreparable hole, we can replace them if absolutely necessary.
Existing obligations – Husband has a monthly dinner with some friends, and I have a bi-weekly lunch with some friends and we won’t be canceling those. Birthday gifts also fall under this category.
Emergencies – ACTUAL emergencies. Video games, movie release dates, and “my car needs washed” don’t count.
Sunday lunches – We are allowing ourselves to eat out on Sunday afternoons, and ONLY Sunday afternoons. It is a good time for us to spend together and destress before the work week starts.

It seems like a lot of exceptions, really. But the spending we are trying to cut down on is mostly eating out and impulse purchases. I think we are already well on our way to having much better spending habits.


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