How I became a working girl again

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February 19, 2015 by taralynnehall

A little over two months ago, I started an awesome new job. Coincidentally enough, my first day was also exactly four months from my last day at my former job. I spent four months patiently anxiously looking for a new job that would not only pay the bills, but challenge me and be something that I enjoy. Little did I know that that job was going to find me, and not the other way around.

Last April, while I was still working at my last job, I had applied for a job as a web designer for the parks department at the City of Springfield. I really, really wanted that job. They called me in for an interview, and it went very well. Unfortunately, they hired someone else. When they called to let me know, the HR representative who had interviewed me left the most encouraging voicemail. I saved it and listened to it occasionally, especially after I was let go from my job in September.

At some point, that HR rep passed my resume and portfolio on to someone at the health department, who was looking to fill a new position, sort-of similar to the one I had applied for. Without me even knowing about it, I was being considered for a job I didn’t know existed. That person called me to tell me about the job and ask if I would be interested in an interview. Obviously, I was. A couple of weeks later I received a job offer.

I’m generally not a “public display of affection” type of person, but let me just take a minute to talk about my husband. He has been unconditionally, unfathomably patient and encouraging while I was out of work. A lot of people would have looked at our finances and encouraged me to look for any job that would pay the bills, but my wonderful husband looked at our finances and said “it will all be okay.” He told me to hold out for a job I would love, and was an endless fount of encouragement for my countless submitted resumes, phone calls, and interviews. He is incredible, and I could not have asked for a better person with whom to spend my whole life.

Friends, God is so good. My new job is fantastic. More than fantastic. I love it. Every day is a little different, the work is challenging and fascinating, my supervisor is absolutely incredible, and I work with some truly awesome people that are passionate about their work and care about the people they serve. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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